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Monday 15th October 2018 - Paddy Lambert
Monday 15th October 2018 - Paddy Lambert

Curse Tablets in Roman Britain'

'Curse Tablets in Roman Britain' - The curse tablet phenomena is well attested throughout the Roman world. They are the private messages, never to be read, to the exotic gods who controlled all things. Whether for retribution or for luck, they are a glimpse into a thoroughly modern ancient world, 1800 years ago. Over 300 tablets have been recovered from Roman Britain, and their content and delivery is unique to Britain. From the petty theft of a humble ring, to extra marital affairs, the curse tablets from Roman Britain are the real Romans...warts and all.

Paddy Lambert is a Project Supervisor for Oxford Archaeology East and specialises in the history and material culture of the Roman world, with dedicated interests in the curse tablet phenomenon and archaeohistory. He has been involved in Roman projects across the UK and Europe, most recently an extensive Roman villa complex in the south west, and has delivered talks and lectures on various themes of Roman history and archaeology throughout the UK.