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Monday 18th October 2010 - Trevor Pearson
Monday 18th October 2010 - Trevor Pearson
'Researching Stonehenge and its landscape - new discoveries by the English Heritage survey and investigation team'

Trevor Pearson leads the archaeological graphics and technical survey team in English Heritage, a role which has involved him in a new phase of fieldwork investigating the prehistoric and later landscape of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. By combining the latest satellite surveying technology with a keen eye for the subtlest of earthworks, the field team has arrived at a new understanding of some of the most famous archaeological sites in the country including at Stonehenge itself where they have discovered a mysterious mound towards the centre of the stone circle. This talk will look at the results of this new fieldwork and explain how it is changing our perception of this ancient landscape.

Trevor has worked for English Heritage and the former Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England for over half his career, firstly as an illustrator and later as a field surveyor. His present job takes him around the country supporting the field teams in their surveying activities. He has a strong background in community archaeology having begun his career digging with the Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society while still at school. He is also currently chair of the Council for British Archaeology Yorkshire group.