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Monday 21st May 2018 - Judith Dobie
Monday 21st May 2018 - Judith Dobie
‘Ways of Seeing the Past’'

Painted reconstructions of the past can be more influential than the expert appreciates. They can take on a life of their own, endure, and be influential long after the ideas they represent have been superseded.

‘Illustrating the Past’ which is to be published in the autumn shows the work of seven artists who worked for The Department of Ancient Monuments, English Heritage and Historic England and explains how their pictures represent changing ideas and attitudes in archaeology and in the presentation of the ancient sites of the National Collection.

Judith Dobie
Judith studied at The Glasgow School of Art and when, after working by chance on the excavation of the Saxon Old Minster at Winchester, became interested in archaeology. She went on to draw finds at Durham University from Rosemary Cramp’s excavations at Monkwearmouth and Jarrow. Judith worked in the archaeological drawing office of the Department of Ancient Monuments in London.

She has been involved in the illustration of such sites as the Saxon cemeteries at Mucking in Essex, the flint mines of Grimes Graves, Silbury Hill and recently the Temple of Mithras in London and the Neolithic settlement Tatlisu in Northern Cyprus. Outside of archaeological illustration, Judith likes to paint and draw and exhibit her pictures.